Letter Grade Number Breakdown
A 558-600
A- 540-557
B+ 528-539
B 498-527
B- 480-497
C+ 462-479
C 438-461
C- 420-437
D 390-419
F 0-389
Assignment Points
Exercises (5x10pt) 50 Points
Semester Task Schedule 25 Points
Netiquette Assignment 50 Points
Job Portfolio 50 Points
Résumé 25 Points
Cover Letter 25 Points
Description 100 Points
Analysis Memo 25 Points
Description 75 Points
Researched Recommendation Report 200 Points
Proposal 30 Points
Status Report 30 Points
Rough Draft 1 20 Points
Rough Draft 2 20 Points
Final Report 100 Points
Oral Presentation 25 Points
Wiki Progress Reports (4x25pt) 100 Points
Total Points 600 Points

Grading Criteria: The grading criteria are as follows.

A: work is exemplary. It not only follows the guidelines of the assignment; it goes above and beyond them. There are no grammatical, stylistic, or structural mistakes.

B: work is above average. It follows the guidelines of the assignment. There are minimal grammatical, stylistic, or structural mistakes.

C: work is average work. It will follow the guidelines of the assignment, but with noticeable grammatical, stylistic, and structural mistakes.

D: work does not exist in this class. There is no logical case to give Ds on individual assignments, though by law of averages, you may end up with a D in the course.

F: work fails to meet requirements of the assignment, and/ or has significant grammatical, stylistic, or structural errors. Failure to hand in an assignment earns a zero, not an F, which is to say, a zero is an F, but not all Fs are zeros. This is an important and significant distinction.

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