• Assignments must be turned in as an electronic copy and a hard copy by the start of class.
• Late assignments are not accepted and no exceptions will be made. If you know you are unable to finish an assignment in time, please email Dr. Windholz to discuss prior to the deadline.
• If you should miss class, let Dr. Windholz know in advance and have a classmate turn in your work if needed.
Assignments Done Not Done
Exercises X
# Exercise 1: Wednesday, January 31 X
# Exercise 2: Monday, February 5 X
# Exercise 3: Monday, February 19 X
# Exercise 4: Wednesday, February 21 X
# Exercise 5: Wednesday, February 28 X
Course Wiki and Progress Reports X
Report #1: Wednesday, February 14 X
Report #2: Wednesday, March 7 X
Report #3: Wednesday, April 4 X
Report #4: Wednesday, April 25 X
Normal Assignments X
Class Netiquette Guide and Email Policy: Monday, February 12 X
Job Portfolio: Monday, February 26 X
Description Assignment: Wednesday, March 21 X
Researched Recommendation Report X
Proposal: Monday, March 26 X
Status Report: Wednesday, April 11 X
Draft 1 of Recommendation Report: Wednesday, April 18 and X
Draft 2 Of Recommendation Report: Monday, April 23 X
Final Recommendation Report: Monday, April 30// X
Oral Presentation Monday, May 7 X

• All readings are to be finished by the start of class for the day they are listed on the syllabus. We will typically discuss the readings in class through a PowerPoint and lecture.

• Exercises are graded on completion and correctness. Please turn in an electronic copy and a hard copy at the start of class.

  1. Use a job site to find three openings for people with your academic major. For each ad, identify any references to writing, communication, professionalism, and work habits. See exercise 3 from Chapter 1 for more instructions.
  2. Find a social media policy for any corporation. In a 500 word memo, analyze the comprehensiveness and clarity of the policy statement. Indicate the company's stance on social media, the company's emphasis on the necessity of the policy, and your own opinion of following this policy. See exercise 3 from chapter 2 for more instructions.
  3. Read the cover letter provided in the exercise. Create a memo that evaluates the effectiveness of the letter and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. See exercise 4 from chapter 10 for the example.
  4. Review all of the sentences provided in the exercise list. Using the information from chapter 6, revise each sentence to correct the indicated grammatical error. See exercises 9-18, 20, 22, 24-26, and 28-29 from chapter 6 for examples and instructions.
  5. Using the table provided in the exercise, compare federal funding for R&D from 2011 to that of 2012. Then, create two more graphics that compare defense and nondefense R&D funding from either 2011 or 2012. See exercise 3 from chapter 8 for the required data.

Course Wiki and Progress Reports:
• In groups, you will work on the course wiki topics in rotation.
The topics are: Home Page, Forums, Assignments and Grading, and Course Texts and Resources. Adapt content from the syllabus, but do not plagiarize it. Plan with you group to either create or revise the page you are assigned. After working on the page, create a progress report that acknowledges and responds to what you revised on the page. Progress reports should be 2-4 pages and include a purpose statement, summary, introduction, results, recommendation for the next group, and resources if they are used.

Class Netiquette Guide and Email Policy
• Work in groups of three to four to create an email policy and netiquette guide for the class. To do this, complete Exercise 7 on page 264. It should be specific to our class, but able to be expanded to the whole university. Design it as a handout you would receive from a university official. In addition, please complete an audience profile sheet from our course’s Launchpad site.

Job Portfolio
• Write a cover letter and resume for a specific job found on Shippensburg’s career connection website or other career databases. Be specific to the particular job and refer to Chapter 10 for help. Your cover letter should be 1 page, and your resume should be 1-2 pages. After completing the documents, schedule an appointment with the Career Center to review your resume and cover letter and make any necessary edits. You must provide proof of your appointment for your portfolio to be accepted.

Description Assignment
• Write a 1 page handout that describes the technical writing process to beginning writers. Create an audience analysis profile and a 2 page memo that details who your audience is, what they should know, and how this information motivated you to create your description document. Include graphics and refer to Chapters 1, 4 and 8 for help. This document should demonstrate your highest quality writing.

Researched Recommendation Report
• This is the final assignment for this class. The research and report for this project should focus on a problem at Shippensburg University or in the Shippensburg community. Your report will suggest an addition to the campus or present a solution to a problem, such as adding printers in a building. The problem must be actionable and not hypothetical. The project will consist of a proposal, status or progress report, and the final recommendation report. Before submitting your final report, you will submit two rough drafts for review in class and edit your final project accordingly. Refer to the assignment sheet for guidelines.

Oral Presentation
• This is a presentation of your researched recommendation report. It should be a translation of key points and 5 to 6 minutes. You should practice several times and dress professionally.

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